Worpress Tips and Tricks: Make your WordPress blog show up in google!

How to make your WordPress blog show up in google on the search results page when anyone searches for your blog or any text or tags contained in your blog. aka. Search engine Visibility 101.

First, make sure that your blog has the “Public” tag turned on, my WordPress MU installation in which you can post thousands of blogs had google visibility turned off by default!

The setting is in the Admin area of WordPress, you must be logged in as a blog administrator.

1) To log in to WordPress administration, do this by clicking “Admin” in the Meta Sidebar or the “Edit” link below a blog posting or by typing your blog location with /wp-admin at the end of the URL, like this http://wordpresstips.googlethem.com/wp-admin.

2) Click the navigation bar button “Site Admin” in WordPress.

3) Click the button below it “Blogs“.

4) Click the “Edit” link to the right of your blog that you want to show up in google.

5) Click the “Publish” radio button about 5 items down the edit page, it should be the first radio button.

6) Click the “Update Options” button to the right to save your choice.

7) Go to google.com and “add your url” by using this link

8) Wait a day or more and run some test searches for content that you know is in your blog.

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