WordPress tips and tricks: Changing the sidebar in WordPress

Changing the sidebar in WordPress:

1) You must be in the administration, do this by clicking “Admin” in the Meta Sidebar or the “Edit” link below a blog posting or by typing your blog location with /wp-admin at the end of the URL, like this http://wordpresstips.googlethem.com/wp-admin.
2) Click the “Presentation” button on the navbar across the top of the admin page.
3) Click the “Widgets” button below that.

4) Drag the any of the “Available Widgets” from the bottom up into the “Sidebar“, the first widget you drag will replace the default sidebar in WordPress.
5) Click the “Save Changes” button.

Remember, it may look like you have no sidebar specified, yet you have one, that is because you haven’t replace the default “fall¬† back”¬† widget working in the sidebar.

Here is the venerable WordPress Codex once again, this time on Widgets and Sidebars.

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