WordPress Redirect loop!

If your WordPress redirects in a way that will never complete: (“Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”)

The WP database was corrupted. I had to go to an old WordPress backup, lost my latest posts and comments and then plucked them out of the newer corrupted db and added them to the old backup after reverting to it, by importing the Posts and Comments tables using PHPMyAdmin. Note: PHPMyAdmin maximum SQL size for import is 100 Megs, mine was 27 Megs.

If your WordPress redirects to another admin login (not the blog you want to login to, usually WP MU or Multisite):


  1. Sasikanth says:

    Hey, I am having this issue when I try to log in to wp-admin – redirect loop. The site is working fine, and when I try to go to dashboard, it says page not found. I am totally clueless on what’s wrong, and if as you say, its a database corruption, have no clue on how to go back to an old WP backup. Please help!!

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