WordPress MU Wildcard subdomains can fail after server migration – Multisite sites not available

If your WP MU sub sites are not available, but the main website is, this could be due to a bug in Cpanel with website migrations:

I found this out when a WordPress MultiSite installation no longer loaded the sub sites, only the main site. Turned out the server had just been migrated. The wildcard redirect should be deleted (if it’s still there in Cpanel) and recreated as a “Subdomain” in Cpanel (not a redirect)

  • ex: *.googlethem.com goes to /public_html

from the server tech:

Sometimes, seemingly at random, wildcard subdomains disappear during the packaging of an account. My guess is this is due to how the subdomain files are parsed (that is, “how the machine reads them”). The same symbol used for wildcard records (“*”) ALSO represents a wildcard in the shell, so the shell goes “whoa, there wasn’t any subdomain specified. This is probably invalid; I had better not include it.” And thus, a problem. It’s a known problem and I believe cPanel is working on it, but it does creep up every once in a while.

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