WordPress MU subdomains broken, a fix for hostnine and bluehost

Follow directions, I believe you use a supplied custom .htaccess file in the webserver root (public_html)

At hostnine the WordPress MU install was broken (realy just the blogs at virtual subdomains like ratings.googlethem.com because the apache config file (not available to me) had the wildcard subdomains string a line after a different handler.
From wordpress MU forum: http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic.php?id=2363&page
Did you ask your hosts (Blue host) to activate wildcard subdomains for you? This is not included in a subdomain limit in any host AFAIK.

It has to be “turned” on in Apache – unless you have access to the server (ie, you’re on a shared system etc…) you are going to have to ask your host to do that part.

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