Top 3 WordPress custom themes development systems or frameworks

When you customize WordPress pages and themes, it can be hard to remember what you’ve done a year or two later. That’s one reason why it’s good to use a WordPress development system or “Frameworks”. You don’t have to edit PHP, code like changing the functions.php to do things. Often you’ll find what you need in the theme/frameworks configuration screen.

A good WordPress backend has options to change page titles, use custom post types easily so that you can “target” various pages you want to customized without editing PHP.

This makes it so that you can see, your client can see, and you can more easily find your customizations later.

Another huge reason why is so that your WordPress theme updates don’t overwrite your custom WordPress pages so they don’t go away silently or worse yet…break your PHP code.

My top 3 WP frameworks are:

Genesis – good SEO for WordPress with page by page Meta Titles and tags. If you want to remove the WordPress H1 page title from the top of the page click here.

WooThemes – good modern WordPress themes with highly flexible options in the frameworks

RocketTheme – amazing themes and powerful plugins. To use the “Gantry” frameworks, which was created for Joomla, lots of it is done using widgets, however you’ll want a Gantry tutorial on positioning because these widgets are movable on a page using a unique system with sliders and number of widgets in a row. Gantry is using the standard 960px layout, and can be made fluid or liquid as well.

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