Uploading or Posting Pictures in WordPress WPMU

To change the default image upload folder: 1) If you have access to superadmin for a WPMU website network and you want to change a single blog to use year/month: My Sites->Network admin->Sites->Settings->scroll down to “Uploads Use Yearmonth Folders”. 1= yes year/month, 0 = no year month, instead upload to /siteid/files/ When the problem remains […]

Howto: WordPress upload limit – increase maximum upload file size

WP upload limit – This is a tutorial on how to upload large images and files on WordPress and WordPress MU – increase the upload limit. Here’s how to blow through the top 4 limits that you need to change before you can upload a large image file to WordPress for file uploads: 1) Php […]

WordPress permissions for file uploading to a directory or folder

From: gfmorris.org Dougal Campbell Says: December 23rd, 2005 at 2:34 pm Yeah, on all the servers *I* have dealt with, the web server runs as a different user. The exception would probably be web hosts who run PHP as a CGI process, which allows them to run it through suexec. But when PHP is installed […]