WordPress API for Templates

API function list for Template Tags in WordPress is here

WordPress API for functions

WordPress Template Tags The API for WordPress functions is here. Post, Page, Attachment and Bookmarks Functions Category, Tag and Taxonomy Functions User and Author Functions Feed Functions Comment, Ping, and Trackback Functions Action, Filter, and Plugin Functions Theme-Related Functions Formatting Functions Miscellaneous Functions Classes WordPress Variable Report WordPress Hooks Table

Child Themes in WordPress

Child Themes in WordPress work like copies of an existing theme, which are editable, but don’t change the theme they are based on. It’s an instance of that theme, so the original theme that the child is based upon can be safely updated without worrying about breaking the original. Here’s a great basic tutorial on […]

WordPress page title maximum length

My personal conclusion: 67 characters. Page title maximum length for google With WordPress you don’t get to use all of those characters by default and you must do some optimization to the engine to change this. How to change WordPress page titles if you don’t have access to this article, you can request access from […]

Blogging Tips for WordPress

These blog writing tips are for WordPress or any blog such as blogspot or blogger. Write pertinent content regularly, if you want to ramble about different subjects, then tag them and/or categorize them differently so that people (or you) can view your entries chronologically and in a long page that are on a similar subject […]

Hyphens in URLs or URL Rewriting for WordPress SEO

Hyphens in URLs or “URL Rewriting” for WordPress SEO, Content Management Systems (CMS), Dynamically Generated Content and Shopping Cart Systems”: If you have a dynamic website that creates pages from data then you are likely to have URLs that have stuff like http://www.mysite.com/product.php?product_id=8 This is not easy to remember, means nothing to a human or […]

WordPress Security Tips top ten

From: WordPress Security Tips and Hacks. Ten security tips for WordPress.

WordPress Codex – Designing headers

Everything you wanted to know about designing Header Images in WordPress but were afraid to ask. Even changing header images

Uploading or Posting Pictures in WordPress WPMU

To change the default image upload folder: 1) If you have access to superadmin for a WPMU website network and you want to change a single blog to use year/month: My Sites->Network admin->Sites->Settings->scroll down to “Uploads Use Yearmonth Folders”. 1= yes year/month, 0 = no year month, instead upload to /siteid/files/ When the problem remains […]

How to add an image to your WordPress feed

This is directly from the page David – Adding the image tag to WordPress’s rss headers The RSS specification allows you to have an <image> element in the header of your RSS feed.  A long time ago, if you used WordPress, you’d have to edit the wp-rss.php file and be very careful when you upgraded […]