WordPress Security Tips top ten

From: WordPress Security Tips and Hacks. Ten security tips for WordPress.

WordPress Codex – Designing headers

Everything you wanted to know about designing Header Images in WordPress but were afraid to ask. Even changing header images

WordPress MU disable Make a New Blog

To disable “Make a New Blog” in wordpress MU: You can modify wp-signup.php file: Find string 14: get_header(); and add after it this code: if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { $user = $current_user->user_login; if ($user != ‘admin’) { print “You can’t create blogs.”; get_footer(); die(); } } else { print “You can’t create blogs.”; get_footer(); die(); […]

WordPress MU subdomains broken, a fix for hostnine and bluehost

Follow directions, I believe you use a supplied custom .htaccess file in the webserver root (public_html) At hostnine the WordPress MU install was broken (realy just the blogs at virtual subdomains like ratings.googlethem.com because the apache config file (not available to me) had the wildcard subdomains string a line after a different handler. ———- From […]