Blogging Tips for WordPress

These blog writing tips are for WordPress or any blog such as blogspot or blogger. Write pertinent content regularly, if you want to ramble about different subjects, then tag them and/or categorize them differently so that people (or you) can view your entries chronologically and in a long page that are on a similar subject […]

Hyphens in URLs or URL Rewriting for WordPress SEO

Hyphens in URLs or “URL Rewriting” for WordPress SEO, Content Management Systems (CMS), Dynamically Generated Content and Shopping Cart Systems”: If you have a dynamic website that creates pages from data then you are likely to have URLs that have stuff like This is not easy to remember, means nothing to a human or […]

Worpress Tips and Tricks: Make your WordPress blog show up in google!

How to make your WordPress blog show up in google on the search results page when anyone searches for your blog or any text or tags contained in your blog. aka. Search engine Visibility 101. First, make sure that your blog has the “Public” tag turned on, my WordPress MU installation in which you can […]