Moving a WordPress Blog from MU to the regular WordPress single blog install

To move the posts, pages, pictures, information, and settings of an existing, populated blog whether it’s on the single instance WordPress installation or WordPress MU with lots of blogs. This also applies to moving a wordpress blog from one server to another, or copying a wordpress blog:

You can use Admin->”Tools”->Export.

Then setup your new blog on your new server, Admin->”Tools”->”Import”->”Wordpress”.

This part on also applies to setting up a virgin wordpress install and converting it to a page based CMS instead of a post based website.

Then copy your theme over to the new location (server), this even copies a customized theme properly with images! (Copy the entire theme directory and subdirectories)
Now do your backend configuration by logging into blogURL/wp-admin.

Typical configuration Items I do:
1) Admin->Settings->Permalinks->/%postname%/ (this changes all page names to the slug instead of page?=)
2) Admin->Settings->Reading->Static Page->Home, Posts Page->Blog
3) Admin->Settings->Miscellaneous->Store uploads in this folder->wp-content/uploads (On the front end they will be in

4) Admin->Settings->Miscellaneous->Full URL path to files->leave blank unless you don’t have a domain name in that case do this-> (you will have to temporarily link your images with /~acctname/wp-content/uploads/imagename.jpg. Remove the italicized /~acctname)/ part when changing to a blog with a Domain Name instead of IP/~acctname!
5) Admin->Settings->Miscellaneous->Uncheck “Organize my uploads…”
6) Copy all plugins to /public_html/wp-content/plugins and activate in Admin->Plugins
7) Configure each plugin as you active them Admin->Tools->pluginname (usually)
8) Check your images to make sure the path is the same, if not, make sure they are on the new server in the same location, check step 4 and 5 and check browser link to make sure URL base part is parsed correctly by step 4 and 5.
9) Admin->Settings->Writing->Default Post Category, set it to what got imported, should be set to the same Category  as your original blog.

This way you can migrate from a multi blog WordPress MU to a single blog, a WordPress single instance blog to another server, and possibly even from a single WordPress blog to add it to an MU installation with many blogs already.

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