How to hide your text blog title that appears over the banner in WordPress

To hide the WordPress page title which lays over the top of your banner image:

In your /themes/style.css file:
#header h1 { display:none }

This will allow your blog title to show in the window title and as theĀ  link in google and other seach engine results while not allowing it to overlay your new banner.


  1. Laura says:

    Hi. I’m working on a wordpress website for the first time. It’s the Twenty Eleven theme and I’d like to hide the WordPress page title and subtitle that appears over my banner image. I’ve tried the code provided above, but I must be putting it in the wrong place in the style.css file. Can you tell me where to put it? Also, is there a way to move the banner closer to the top of the page once the header is gone?


    • GoogleThem says:

      Hi Laura, since it’s your first time building a WP website, this is easier:

      It will specifically for the theme Twenty Eleven, you should be able to turn off the text in Admin->Appearance->Header->Display Text and click Save Changes.

      You may have been working on the wrong style sheet if it made no difference, or you may be putting the code #header h1 { display:none } too high in your stylesheet and it may be getting overridden by a later declaration.

      BTW. Your website looks good. To answer your question on your Bio page, you have too much space between the header image and the blog post because of this attribute setting in your stylesheet:
      style.css line 686

      #main {
      clear: both;
      padding: 1.625em 0 0;

      You can change your padding line to:
      padding: 0.1em 0 0;

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