Gravity forms tab key does not advance to next field – tab highlights submit

Got word from a client that their website forms are not allowing the tab key to work properly. Instead it jumps to the bottom of the form and highlights submit.

Turns out we have 2 gravity forms on one “page”. It’s really a newsletter signup form in the footer of every page, so any form on a page really makes 2 gravity forms per page.

Found this fix and applied it and works perfectly, we didn’t have to specifically use form numbers (we have 5 gravity forms on this website). We removed the numbered fixes and just used the generic fix.


Thank you Wasteland Graphics!

add_filter("gform_tabindex", create_function("", "return 4;"));

//If you are having trouble with a specific form, you can use the form ID in the follow code example.  Lets say form 6 is the problem! Just add the follow:

add_filter("gform_tabindex_6", create_function("", "return 4;"));

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