DNS propagation delay – OpenDNS refresh nameservers immediately!

To see your DNS spread or to make it propagate faster, shorten your TTL and watch it go around the world on this map.

If you are using OpenDNS, you can go to this page and refresh their master cache, after loading your website, you can see if OpenDNS has picked up the new IP in real time, then you can force their nameserver cache to update instantly! OpenDNS is huge, their audience is huge and their cache is huge. This has cut hours from my website propagation delay for all people who use OpenDNS for their nameservers.
Click here for OpenDNS refresh and update nameserver page


  1. Keep getting redirect loops on both firefox and chrome only for Mac on OpenDNS not my cell using 4g.

    • admin says:

      Maybe it’s your computer’s dns?..

      Try clearing your browser cache while refreshing the page URL before it loops with a Ctrl/Cmd R.

      Then try ipconfig /flushdns in a command window to reset the failed resolution DNS cache on windows, or dscacheutil -flushcache on OS X.

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