WordPress Multiuser – sub sites not loading after changing root domain

Problem: By installing WP MU sub sites before adding your domain name to your main blog (root site), the sub sites will instantly break for your users. They will not see their website or be able to login to their WordPress admin. Fix: You’ll have to edit the database with PHPMyAdmin: wp-dbname->wp_blogs>go through each blog […]

WordPress tips and tricks 2013

Since July 2008 we’ve cut through the longwinded noise and shared the clean, lean and sometimes mean tips. How to hack your WP self installed server without messing it up! Just look to the side bars and you’ll see the action we get 😛 There are some odd things that can happen to WordPress MultiUser, […]

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Installing WordPress Multiuser subdomains – not working problems

WordPress Multisite install and setup with working subdomains: 1) Install WordPress stand alone in your public_html folder (Multiuser will not work with subdomains if it’s in a subdirectory), set it up so that it loads the default WordPress blog page. 2) Now connect to your website via FTP and edit wp-config add above “that’s it […]

WPMU is now at 100,000 users

I just entered the WPMU DEV #100k Users Premium WordPress Plugins/Themes Contest! http://wpmu.org/100k

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WPMU got blocked from google – came back in 1 month

The Penguin update (not Panda) knocked WPMU.org off the charts back in April 2012. What happened was that WPMU had “WordPress MU” with a backlink in every footer of their theme packs. The anchor text was considered WordPress branding by google’s Penguin algorithm. So there were thousands of websites, with hundreds of thousands of links […]

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DNS propagation delay – OpenDNS refresh nameservers immediately!

To see your DNS spread or to make it propagate faster, shorten your TTL and watch it go around the world on this map. If you are using OpenDNS, you can go to this page and refresh their master cache, after loading your website, you can see if OpenDNS has picked up the new IP […]

WordPress Themes

Working with WordPress since 2007 as a pro, my advice: pick a theme that you can work on the backend too! If you want widgets only on certain pages, or a different header for each page, truse a theme that has a WordPress Frameworks on the backend. A pretty theme may not be easy to […]

Contact Form 7 field widths narrower

To narrow or shorten the field widths for Contact Form 7, this is an example of making the name shorter: (you can do this to widen it too) <p>Your Name (required)<br /> [text* your-name 25/] </p> The key is the bolded 25/ which sets the field width.

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How to make a widget show up on a single page or post

Two plugins to do this: Genesis Simple Sidebars Widget Context This frees you from having to display (or not show) widget areas on various pages and posts using code.

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Cannot see updates to WordPress website – sticky cache

Here’s how to clear your browser cache without going into your menus. This applies to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Note: CSS changes can cause a really sticky cache when background images are changed, they tend not to update unless you clear your cache.