Tracking goals in google analytics

To track phone calls or other conversions like shopping checkout pages in google analytics: from: Conversions Set up Goals ¬†Use Goals to know when visitors complete individual actions. Goals are a versatile way to measure how well your site or app fulfills your objectives. You can set up individual Goals to track discrete actions, […]

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DNS propagation delay – OpenDNS refresh nameservers immediately!

To see your DNS spread or to make it propagate faster, shorten your TTL and watch it go around the world on this map. If you are using OpenDNS, you can go to this page and refresh their master cache, after loading your website, you can see if OpenDNS has picked up the new IP […]

Top 3 WordPress custom themes development systems or frameworks

When you customize WordPress pages and themes, it can be hard to remember what you’ve done a year or two later. That’s one reason why it’s good to use a WordPress development system or “Frameworks”. You don’t have to edit PHP, code like changing the functions.php to do things. Often you’ll find what you need […]

WordPress how to redirect error 404 page to home page or any page

My WordPress theme didn’t have a 404.php page included and I wanted to make any error 404 “page not found” go to the home page. This method would go to any page you specify. This is a somewhat hard coded solution and it is a permanent redirect in this case. Contents of 404.php: <?php header(“Status: […]

WordPress page title maximum length

My personal conclusion: 67 characters. Page title maximum length for google With WordPress you don’t get to use all of those characters by default and you must do some optimization to the engine to change this. How to change WordPress page titles if you don’t have access to this article, you can request access from […]

Blogging Tips for WordPress

These blog writing tips are for WordPress or any blog such as blogspot or blogger. Write pertinent content regularly, if you want to ramble about different subjects, then tag them and/or categorize them differently so that people (or you) can view your entries chronologically and in a long page that are on a similar subject […]

Hyphens in URLs or URL Rewriting for WordPress SEO

Hyphens in URLs or “URL Rewriting” for WordPress SEO, Content Management Systems (CMS), Dynamically Generated Content and Shopping Cart Systems”: If you have a dynamic website that creates pages from data then you are likely to have URLs that have stuff like This is not easy to remember, means nothing to a human or […]