WordPress MU Wildcard subdomains can fail after server migration – Multisite sites not available

If your WP MU sub sites are not available, but the main website is, this could be due to a bug in Cpanel with website migrations: I found this out when a WordPress MultiSite installation no longer loaded the sub sites, only the main site. Turned out the server had just been migrated. The wildcard […]

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Installing WordPress Multiuser subdomains – not working problems

WordPress Multisite install and setup with working subdomains: 1) Install WordPress stand alone in your public_html folder (Multiuser will not work with subdomains if it’s in a subdirectory), set it up so that it loads the default WordPress blog page. 2) Now connect to your website via FTP and edit wp-config add above “that’s it […]

WordPress Redirect loop!

If your WordPress redirects in a way that will never complete: (“Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”) The WP database was corrupted. I had to go to an old WordPress backup, lost my latest posts and comments and then plucked them […]

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Cannot see updates to WordPress website – sticky cache

Here’s how to clear your browser cache without going into your menus. This applies to Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. Note: CSS changes can cause a really sticky cache when background images are changed, they tend not to update unless you clear your cache.

Paragraph spaces in WordPress editor – how to remove space between paragraphs

If you press and hold the “Shift” key while you hit the “Enter” key it the WordPress editor will give you the secret next line instead of the new paragraph! If you simply hit the “Enter” or “Return” key on your keyboard it will create a new paragraph.

Reset your password in WordPress using PHPMyAdmin

from: http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password Reset your password in WordPress by PHPMyAdmin: Begin by logging into phpMyAdmin and click databases. Image #2 A list of databases will appear. Click your WordPress database. Image #3 All the tables in your database will appear. If not, click Structure. Look for wp_users. Click on the icon for browse. Locate your Username […]

Contact Form 7 breaks after updating or upgrading WordPress to version 3

A client reported that WordPress with Contact Form 7 lost his contact form database after upgrading WP from version 2.x to version 3. The author of Contact Form 7 has now updated his code so that the form is fully compatible with WP v3. In case the upgrades don’t go smoothly: I’d copy the actual […]

Paragraph spaces in WordPress editor – how to make space between paragraphs

To create paragraph spaces in TinyMCE or <p> </p> tinymce wordpress: A WordPress style is <p><br “class=spacer_” /></p>, however this is not in my stylesheet,  it comes from using TinyMCE advanced as an editor plugin in the backend. A quick way to do it is: <p>&nbsp;</p> but this will give full line height spaces between […]

WordPress how to redirect error 404 page to home page or any page

My WordPress theme didn’t have a 404.php page included and I wanted to make any error 404 “page not found” go to the home page. This method would go to any page you specify. This is a somewhat hard coded solution and it is a permanent redirect in this case. Contents of 404.php: <?php header(“Status: […]

Which pages are based on what templates in WordPress?

This depends upon your specific template. Custom page and post templates can be defined merely by putting them up on the website in the Theme’s folder with the title “content.php” which overrides wp-content.php. The Default Template for my Blog pages is “Single.php” based on the inove template. A new template can be created for pages […]