Worpdress How to show the last 5 posts

Show the last 5 posts or whatever number you specify using the following code, it loops through all of the posts. First method I devised:               <ul id=”recent-items”>               <?php                   $recentPosts = new WP_Query();                   $recentPosts->query(‘showposts=10’);               ?> <!–t added set the incremental counter<=? to the number of recent posts you […]

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Which pages are based on what templates in WordPress?

This depends upon your specific template. Custom page and post templates can be defined merely by putting them up on the website in the Theme’s folder with the title “content.php” which overrides wp-content.php. The Default Template for my Blog pages is “Single.php” based on the inove template. A new template can be created for pages […]

Contact Form 7 Thank You page after submit

Contact Form 7 did not supported loading a Thank You page after the user clicks Submit. (As of Aug. 2009) Here is a way to force Contact Form 7 to load a custom page after the user submits the form: (note that it will change the submit form results for every contact form on the […]