Removing a linked page title on a WordPress blog or changing the title

The page title on WordPress blogs is coded in the file is “page.php”. Search for the line with “<?php the_permalink() ?>” and then you can remove that link, or edit it and add some text. To change the page title for Posts, edit the file “index.php” and search for the line with “<?php the_permalink() ?>”, […]

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Moving a WordPress Blog from MU to the regular WordPress single blog install

To move the posts, pages, pictures, information, and settings of an existing, populated blog whether it’s on the single instance WordPress installation or WordPress MU with lots of blogs. This also applies to moving a wordpress blog from one server to another, or copying a wordpress blog: You can use Admin->”Tools”->Export. Then setup your new […]

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WordPress Submenus or subpages how to list child page links

From: To list a child page menu while only on the parent page, in other words to display a submenu: Put this inside the the_post() section of the page.php template of your WordPress theme after the_content(), or put it in a copy of the page.php template that you use for pages that have sub-pages […]

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Worpress Sidebar Menus – Horizontal or Vertical?

Have been through lots of WordPress themes, and they almost always contain horizontal menus across the top as a top menu, or top navigation bar. Instead, if you want to run your navbar down the left side as a vertical sidebar menu, you are very limited in theme choices. I re-use a theme and re-theme […]

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