WordPress Codex

The definitive guide to doing anything with WordPress, from the horse’s mouth: http://codex.wordpress.org/Advanced_Topics They have the WordPress Codex function list among other valuable things.

Adding google analytics tracking code to your WordPress installation the easy way

Insert your tracking code generated from google analytics into your footer.php for your specific theme that your blog uses, WARNING! if you switch themes you will need to go back and add that tracking code to the new theme! wp-contentthemesyourthemenameherefooter.php and do a search for the </body> tag. Directly above the </body> tag paste in […]

Howto: WordPress upload limit – increase maximum upload file size

WP upload limit – This is a tutorial on how to upload large images and files on WordPress and WordPress MU – increase the upload limit. Here’s how to blow through the top 4 limits that you need to change before you can upload a large image file to WordPress for file uploads: 1) Php […]

How to tell what version of WordPress you have running

View the source code of any page that WordPress created in a web browser. This is autogenerated by a php code in your header.php <# meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress <#?php bloginfo(‘version’); ?> <#!– leave this for stats –> Check your Version. You can find the version of WPMU by looking at the page source of any […]

WordPress MU disable Make a New Blog

To disable “Make a New Blog” in wordpress MU: You can modify wp-signup.php file: Find string 14: get_header(); and add after it this code: if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { $user = $current_user->user_login; if ($user != ‘admin’) { print “You can’t create blogs.”; get_footer(); die(); } } else { print “You can’t create blogs.”; get_footer(); die(); […]

WordPress MU subdomains broken, a fix for hostnine and bluehost

Follow directions, I believe you use a supplied custom .htaccess file in the webserver root (public_html) At hostnine the WordPress MU install was broken (realy just the blogs at virtual subdomains like ratings.googlethem.com because the apache config file (not available to me) had the wildcard subdomains string a line after a different handler. ———- From […]

WordPress permissions for file uploading to a directory or folder

From: gfmorris.org Dougal Campbell Says: December 23rd, 2005 at 2:34 pm Yeah, on all the servers *I* have dealt with, the web server runs as a different user. The exception would probably be web hosts who run PHP as a CGI process, which allows them to run it through suexec. But when PHP is installed […]

WordPress Include or Exclude Categories from showing up on the home page

Have you ever been working on a client WordPress project, or maybe your own blog and needed to exclude a Post category from the Front page? Or needed to exclude a Page from being included in a Search? CodeHooligans.com wrote a nice plugin to do this.

Worpress Tips and Tricks: Make your WordPress blog show up in google!

How to make your WordPress blog show up in google on the search results page when anyone searches for your blog or any text or tags contained in your blog. aka. Search engine Visibility 101. First, make sure that your blog has the “Public” tag turned on, my WordPress MU installation in which you can […]

WordPress tips and tricks: Changing the sidebar in WordPress

Changing the sidebar in WordPress: 1) You must be in the administration, do this by clicking “Admin” in the Meta Sidebar or the “Edit” link below a blog posting or by typing your blog location with /wp-admin at the end of the URL, like this http://wordpresstips.googlethem.com/wp-admin. 2) Click the “Presentation” button on the navbar across […]